Asia Cup 2022

Asia Cup Postponed for the second time!- Asia Cup 2022

Asia Cup Postponed for the second time!

Asia Cup has been postponed till 2022, as per confirmation by PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board), this Asia
Cup is the 15 th edition of this legendary tournament where all the cricket teams of Asia compete with
each other to be number in Asia.

This step from PCB has been taken due to rising cases of COVID-19; the second strain of this pandemic is
affecting everything including all the cricket tournaments.

Upcoming T20 world up is likely too likely to be affected by COVID-19, for now India has the right to host
T20 World Cup 2021. Currently, there is IPL 2021(Indian Premier League, an Indian bases internal Cricket
The tournament) is going. There were some cases from the internal teams of being COVID-19 but all the
things have been managed brilliantly by BCCI.

Asia Cup 2022
Asia Cup 2022

The news was officially confirmed by PCB Chairman, Mr. Ehsan Mani, he said that Asia Cup has been
postponed till 2022, the decision has been taken by taking care of rising cases of COVID-19 globally, he
also added that ICC T20 World Cup is also likely to be affected by it.

Earlier this legendary tournament was held back in 2018, initially, it was supposed to be played in India
but after watching rising cases in India ACC (Asian Cricket Council) changed the location to UAE (United
The Arab Emirates). But when Pakistan showed its lack of satisfaction and asked to arrange it in Pakistan, the
location was revised by ACC.

It’s been a long time since any ICC tournament has been taken place and viewers were really excited for
Asia Cup and this is sad news as T20 World Cup is also most likely to be postponed.

Earlier Asia Cup was planned to play on an Island due to security reasons but as the second strain of
COVID-19 has arrived and everyone has been affected due to it and in this case traveling from different
the country is not safe for anyone.

India has been the most dominated country in Asia Cup and the most time winners too; no country has
managed to win the title for 7 times other than India. It’s always good to see teams like Hong Kong,
Afghanistan competes with global champions and shows us a great game and great improvements.
It would have been a great tournament but we have to wait for 2022 or more, as COVID-19 continues its
own game. Till they stay safe.

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