Asia Cup 2022

Asia Cup 2022

Asia Cup 2022 

After so many ups and downs for Asia Cup, it is finally scheduled in 2022 which will be hosted by Pakistan and will be played in the South Asian Region.

Asia Cup in worlds one of the most exciting ICC tournaments as the main excitement is the matches played between India and Pakistan. Asia Cup 2022 has been already postponed two times, it was supposed to be played in 2020 but due to the ongoing pandemic it was postponed.

There were many questions also raised on appointing Pakistan as host of Asia Cup, initially the host of Asia Cup 2022 was UAE, but then ICC appointed a new Host as India, due to COVID-19 situations, on which Pakistan showed its disagreement and claimed itself a capable host. The tournament has already been postponed two times, raising many questions on PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board).

Asia Cup will also be played in 2021 which will be hosted by Sri Lanka and the next edition which will be held in 2022 as per plans, it will be hosted by Pakistan but the plan doesn’t look like working as the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to harm.

New and Updated Schedule for Asia Cup 2022

Asia Cup 2022
Asia Cup-2022

Just after the new announcement about Asia Cup 2022, we all are waiting for the release of the schedule. The updated list of the Asia Cup 2022 schedule has not been yet released. How many matches the team will be playing is yet to be decided and disclosed.

But we can have a brief idea about the schedule by observing a list of 2021 as the chances are that list will be probably similar to that one as that was postponed, not canceled. 

There will be some major changes into dates of course but the number of matches against the teams will be the same. With that many changes going on with the tournament, there is no fix schedule. We all must wait till we get confirmation about the starting of the tournament.

One this for sure, whatever will be Asia Cup 2022 schedule, the most awaited match will be India Vs Pakistan, these two teams have always been the biggest rivalries in cricket history. Pakistan has not defeated India in any ICC tournament since 12 years which makes the match more interesting.

Who is the Asia Cup 2022 Host?

The very first host of the 15th edition of the Asia Cup was UAE when the tournament was planned back in September 2020.

Due to COVID-19 and the bad situation from the virus, ACC (Asian Cricket Council) and ICC (International Cricket Council) decided to give the hosting rights to India. On which Pakistan showed its disagreement about it. 

On which the council gave the hosting rights to Pakistan and the tournament was postponed till 2021. But just few months back Pakistan again postponed the tournament till 2022 and gave all hosting rights to Sri Lanka.

The surprising thing is Pakistan shown is disagreement over India being a potential host, Pakistan got hosting but then it gave all the hosting rights Sri Lanka instead of India.

There are being a lot of confusion and a lot of politics in Asia Cup already but the audiences are waiting for some real and on-ground cricket actions.

But for clearing all the confusion about who is Asia Cup 2022 host? The host is Pakistan but it has given all the rights to Sri Lanka to Host Asia Cup 2022. So we will be waiting now that who will be hosting it.

Playing teams of Asia Cup 2022

After knowing the host and schedule, the next question that arrives is Asia Cup 2022 teams.

The name of the tournament gives the answer of this question, “Asia Cup” which means the teams situated in the Asian region or Asian continent compete with each other to become the number one team of Asia.

Only countries situated in this region have rights to play in this tournament and Asia is the only region that has this many active countries with active cricket teams.

The tournament is played between 5 to 7 nations, and India has been the most times winner of this tournament. 

Teams that will be playing Asia Cup 2022

  • Afghanistan
  • Pakistan
  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Sri Lanka 
  • Malaysia (Qualified)


The team from Afghanistan, this team has emerged as a great team that has the potential to win this tournament. We all had seen the potential in last world cup. They got the world’s one of best spinners, Rashid Khan.


The biggest rivals of India, it’s always great to see a match between India and Pakistan. This team has won Asia Cup two times, first in year of 2000 against Sri Lanka and second in 2012 against Bangladesh.


The most successful team in Asia Cup, they have won the title for champions for 7 times also 3 consecutive win. Also India has won last two tournaments too, so this can be a second 3 consecutive win for India.


A country which has been originated from India itself, this country also has great potential and it has now emerged as a pre-qualified team for any ICC tournament. But this team is still finding their first Asia Cup champion title. They have been runner up for last two consecutive year and it will be great to see their first win.

Sri Lanka-

The most successful team in Asia Cup after India is Sri Lanka; they have won the title for 5 times, as per records they are not that far from India in terms of winnings. 


They have qualified after competing with many teams like Singapore, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, and many. It will be great to see a new team competing with 5 permanent members of ICC tournaments.

Decided Venue for Asia Cup 2022

Sadly there has been no venue confirmed for ICC Asia Cup 2022, as the global pandemic have taken over the world and its getting very difficult for any country to be stable.

Earlier the venue decided was in Pakistan but recently Pakistan has given all the hosting rights to Sri Lanka so most probably the venue will be somewhere in Sri Lanka.

Pakistan has withdrawn its hands from being host due to COVID and India is currently hosting IPL 2021 with no problem so maybe the new venue must be somewhere in India itself.

According to a survey, most Asian countries prefer to play in India than any other nation as India has a prestigious history in playing and hosting cricket matches.

Asia Cup 2022 venue must be somewhere in India but due to some diplomatic pressures; ACC is waiting for the call of Pakistan over the decided venue.

Asia Cup 2022 Qualifiers 

It was expected that the Asia Cup 2022 qualifiers will be great to watch, but not all the teams participated due to Global Pandemic.

The qualifiers were supposed to be played in two segments, one from eastern countries of Asia and one from the western.

There were many teams that showed their interest in participating like China, Nepal, Bhutan, Kuwait Thailand, and many more.  Most teams competed with each other except China, Bhutan, and Myanmar.

Malaysia won among all the teams and became the qualified team for Asia Cup (2022-2023) and now it will be competing with five other permanent ICC teams.

It will be a great tournament if Covid-19 doesn’t affect it anymore.

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