Asia Cup Expected to Move to 2022

Asia Cup 2022- Asia Cup Expected to Move to 2022

Asia Cup 2022- Asia Cup Expected to Move to 2022

Fans have seen a lot of developments in the schedule of the Asia Cup since the past year. The tournament was set to take off in the previous year itself but the plan had to be confined owing to the outbreak of the worldwide situation of the pandemic. Moreover, the host nation was moved from Pakistan to Sri Lanka, and fans expected the Asia Cup to take place in June this year. 

Recently, Ehsan Mani, Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) gave a statement that the Asia Cup is about to have one more postponement. He affirmed that Sri Lanka, the host of the upcoming edition of the Asia Cup, will organize the tournament in the following year, 2022.

Asia Cup Expected to Move to 2022
Asia Cup Expected to Move to 2022

PCB Chairman exclaimed that the Pakistan Cricket team is not having enough time to participate in the Asia Cup this year since matches of Pakistan Super League will be going on at the same time as the Asia Cup tournament. 

He also added that the Indian Cricket Team is also quite occupied with several commitments, mainly the Finals of the ICC World Test Championship facing New Zealand. The Indian players will need to quarantine themselves two weeks before the commencement of the match in England.

There was a hope of the Asia Cup being held in June, but now two major teams India and Pakistan are not available to play during that time frame. So, PCB Chairman Mani believes that the tournament is not going to happen this year. 

Recently, there were some reports about India sending a second team to the Asia Cup since the main players are unable to make it to the Asia Cup due to the Final match of WTC. On this information, Ehsan Mani claimed that there is no official confirmation about India sending a second team to take part in the Asia Cup. 

The PCB Chairman spoke in addition that the Asian Cricket Council will be able to make a good income from the Asia Cup tournament, particularly when all the teams will participate in it. 

The income from the Asia Cup tournament is likely to be spent on expanding cricket in different countries. So, ACC is less likely to take a chance and lose a great amount of revenue by conducting the tournament without the main team of India and Pakistan.

Furthermore, Mani declared that he is anticipating hosting the Indian Cricket Team in the 2023 edition of the Asia Cup Tournament. He believes that the political tension between the neighbouring nations will die down in the future before the commencement of the 2023 Asia Cup.

He moreover asserted that a few positive developments are seen in the relations between India and Pakistan. PCB Chairman is hopeful that the Indian Cricket team would travel down to Pakistan to play in the 2023 edition of the Asia Cup. 

Ehsan Mani believes that if India tours their nation, it will be a great progress, as many top nations have declined to come to Pakistan for any cricket tournament, owing to the attack on the Sri Lankan team back in 2009.

If we believe Mani, then fans can see India and Pakistan having a face-off in Cricket later this year. He claimed that the International Cricket Council (ICC) has given assurance to PCB that T20 World Cup (which is to be hosted by India) will have Pakistan as a playing nation too. 

We will have to wait and see if the Asia Cup gets postponed one more time, or the tournament will go on with a substitute team of India without the Pakistan Cricket Team! For all the latest news and developments related to the Asia Cup, keep following this space…….

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